It Makes All The Difference....

From dimly lit ballrooms to outdoor celebrations, set your event apart by investing in lighting!



Light fixtures that project washes of light adding color, warmth and depth. Uplighting can be used as a base layer to transform any event space or to add that pop of color that matches your décor!



Beams of warm white light that accentuate focal points such as centerpieces, displays and desserts. Upon entering the room you will have your guests full attention!


Gobo Projection (Texturing)

Projected patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, stages, and dance floors to create depth, contrast, and interest.




Digital Monogram Projection

Full colored and even animated monograms showcasing your wedding monogram or company logo.




Beautiful ornamental lights, our chandeliers are sure grab attention. Wirelessly controlled and battery operated they are the most recent addition to our cutting edge lighting solutions!